Co-Chair of Boobyball, Director, Hermann & Audrey

Why did you decide to get involved with Boobyball? 
I was infinitely inspired by Ashleigh and Amanda’s (The Society) commitment to their cause and their dear friend. The event brings together an incredible committee of talented and dedicated people that year over year define innovative creative ways to increase the reach of the awareness of rethink’s programs while raising funds to support them.

In your opinion, what has made this fundraiser such a success?
This fundraiser is such a success as it allows young people to find their place in supporting causes that mean something to them. Boobyball takes event themes to another level, they are always imaginative and carefully implemented. Party-goers are invited into a whole other world for an evening.

What has been your fondest Boobyball memory?
The committee each year is an incredible experience for me. I adore it, the ideas are overwhelmingly inspiring and we all come together to make outstanding things happen. Hello, save the boobs video? Amazing.

What can we expect differently at this year’s Boobyball?
FLASH! This year’s theme is reminiscent of the scandalous days of the Studio 54 era, the mash-up of fashion, art, celebrity and the iconic personalities that cemented its place in history. Envision this theme in full execution, so dress the part and become part of this tableau. Look forward to an outrageous photography exhibit created by fashion and celebrity photographers Steve Carty, Javier Lovera, Babar Khan, Caitlin Cronenburg and Jalani Morgan. With the amazing help of Sutherland Models, Judy Inc, Lotus Leaf Style, Andy The Anh, Jenny Bird, Jules Power, Hermann & Audrey, ASC PR, Marben Restaurant and killer volunteers we created an elaborate Studio 54 inspired scene of more than 30 people that each photographer intrepreted through their lens. The images are incredible and ICON is drumming up an amazing printing showcase for these spectacular images.

What does the theme FLASH mean to you?
FLASH, is a moment in time. Worlds collided,  54 brought together people from all different walks of life into one space for one party. The combination fused together to create an ambience of art, society, celebrity and decadence.

What will you be wearing to Boobyball?
Grace Jones inspired for sure!

See you on Oct 16th! More info?