Jane Clapp of Urbanfitt – good for your thighs, and your mind

by Becca Lemire
A one-hour personal training consultation with Jane left me feeling worked-out, sweaty and inspired to take care of myself. It’s no surprise, as she has 10 plus years of specialized experience in the fitness and health world. She’s a published author, mother, speaker and expert in her field. We did tons of great moves together and she also frequently injected me with useful info on dieting (Don’t diet, have a more Michael Pollen approach, but keep in mind losing weight is 80% food), exercise, (don’t do everything laying on the floor, get up, get out and move, do kegels when doing arm workouts.), and holistic health (a sore muscle in your neck can affect your back, make sure to stretch strength and tone young, it will be easier to maintain in older age, and don’t go by numbers, go by how you feel).

She taught me some moves that involved stretching (something most people need to do way more of) and strengthening. As a busy lady on the go, I love super-efficient moves, and she has loads of ‘em. I’m not trying to pretend I can afford to see her every week. Her one-on-one sessions are about the same price as seeing a therapist or a physio (go to urbanfitt.com for more info) but even if you can only afford one every few months, or instead want to sign up for her Urban Warrior or Tabata fitness classes (on the higher-end price range when it comes to group fitness, but I did some Tabata cycles, and if you go, you will see results) you will learn a lot and get into great shape. She was fully engaged, friendly but pushed me at the right times, dynamic, and ended the session with an amazing and coma-inducing fascia massage.

I came a bit early and got to hang out with her lovely dog Maggie, whose there more often than not. She was finishing off a session when I got there, and was starting one as I left, and her clients seem to just worship her. They also were in amazing shape, and both were woman who seemed to be around or over 50. I saw her 2 days ago, and my thighs are still burning. Maybe on my birthday I’ll treat myself to another session with Jane Clapp, fitness guru extraordinaire.  


  1. Amanda Thebe
    May 29, 2010

    So glad you have posted this article on Jane and her amazing studio at Urbanfitt.
    I think you have hit the nail on the head completely when you discuss her approach to fitness. Jane takes a totally holistic approach to working out both your mind and body – making you feel good both inside and out.

    I just wanted to point out that although you mentioned that her prices are higher than expected, you also need to bear in mind that there is absolutely NO MEMBERSHIP FEE. Most gyms charge approx $100 – $120 per month, just for walking in the door. If you factor this into the equation you will realise these class are great value.

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