The first time I met Jeremy Laing, we were at "The shOws"
. Shamelessly, I asked what his name was even though I already knew. It was his whimsical glasses that made him so recognizable, after all. Then we talked about how we owned the same pair of Comme des Garcons harem pants. It was awkward.

The second time I met Jeremy Laing, we were graciously stuffing our faces with fancy donuts at Jonathan and Olivia. (By the way, the mojito donut from Paulette’s = amazing.)

Laing officially launched his collection at the ultra-hip boutique on Ossington, and it’s awesome. The collection is stormy, mushrooming, minimalist, and heavy on black. It’s masculine, geometric, and streamlined while offering many opportunities to layer with a strictly monochromatic palette.

This is my favourite piece in the collection. Made from a thick soft cupro, the sweater feels like heavenly clouds. Laing focused on having those essential pieces this collection – whether it’s your go-to grey coat or a wintery floral jacket. There’s nothing fast about this collection, the pieces are meant to last for seasons.

Laing’s collection is a necessary addition to Jonathan and Olivia. We’re proud of the Canadian designer who braves New York Fashion Week, yet still lives in Toronto to remain "objective" about the hype of the scene. I feel that Jonathan and Olivia should carry more Canadian designers that fit their aesthetic. Chloe Comme Parris, anyone?

~ Erin Pehlivan

Photos by Becca Lemire (Click to Enlarge)