Let’s play some fashion games!!

First, which Joe Fresh look do you love most? We are totally going to get the raincoat that looks like aluminum foil and can’t wait to roam Queen West in our court jester pyjama two-piece. Joe Fresh SS2013 collection is all about Astronaut-Mod; and it’s totally gravity defying. Or for short, you can call it “space-cat-chic,” meoooow! The cool thing about this collection, that I really don’t need to tell you, is that it is totally affordable. YAY!! Time to hit Jupiter in the 60s! Wicked.

Becca Lemire tore around the tent to snap pics of individuals with strong personal style. Some we love, some we question, but boy oh boy is it fun to look at the looks. LOOK AT THE LOOKS!! LOOKY!

I guess ombre is still going strong. If you do that with bright purple lips and sculpted thick eyebrows then it doesn’t matter what you wear. You will look smokin’. Maybe not as smokin’ as the chick in the Wayne’s World b-ball cap. WOW. What else do you like? Toddler in the pea coat is pretty cute, eh?

Play the looky-looky-fashion-tent-style game!

~ Jen McNeely

Photos by Becca Lemire (Click to Enlarge)

To view Joe Fresh SS13 collection in full, go to their Facebook page.