The issues spurring on the monumental women’s march last month haven’t gone away; in fact, they’ve only intensified. It’s time to turn up the heat on our end and take action.

Formed by the Women’s March on Washington: Toronto committee, Women March On Toronto was started to keep the momentum going. The group aims to continue to advocate, resist, support and fight for justice.

Now, you can register here for a Town Hall meeting taking place Monday, March 6th at Steelworkers Union Hall (25 Cecil) from 7  to 9 p.m. So far on board are Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, Idle No More, Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics, International Women’s Day Committee, South Asian Women’s Centre, Uniting Muslims and Allies for Humanity, OXFAM Canada, Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape (TRCC/MWAR), Latin American Education Network and Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

Please help add to this list by spreading the word; we can work together and learn about the different ways to get involved in taking local action.