How sweet is this? Over the next week, The Keg is spoiling their patrons with a very special pop-up. Between December 10 and 15, the King West Keg is serving up COMPLIMENTARY Molson Canadian and Teriyaki Sirloin Skewers on their patio, and everybody is welcome. Swing by after work with your crew or en-route to dinner with your date. Heck, bring your dog walker’s cousin! It’s FREE BEER AND STEAK, do you really need a reason?

It should also be known that I’ve spent the last ten minutes cruising their website, and am now very seriously considering dropping everything and treating myself to a glorious meal at the nearest Keg. Between the featured cocktails (Spiced Rum Punch with cinnamon and clove FTW), Baked Brie with red pepper jelly and allllll the mouth-watering steak and seafood options, I’m quite literally salivating at my desk. 

#KegSizeHoliday runs from December 10 to December 15 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. GO GET IT, GIRL.