One of the best things about the summer, Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market banish cars from the neighbourhood on the last Sunday of every month, filling the streets with shoppers, strollers, cyclists, unicyclists, musicians, marching bands, hula hoopers, stiltwalkers, magicians, tarot card readers, buskers, acrobats, parades, neighbourhood characters, the odd local politician, and pretty anyone else you can imagine. The theme for this year’s inaugural event is Art Hop, and galleries in the ‘hood will open their doors, giving you the opportunity to meet with artists as you peruse their work. 

If you’re new in town and have never explored the market before, it can be an overwhelming smorgasbord of awesome. We recommend taking in the sights with a snack in hand. Try a yam burrito from Big Fat Burrito, (285 Augusta Ave.) pupusas (if you don’t know, you should know) from Emporium Latino, (243 Augusta Ave.) vegan burritos and donuts (that’s right) from Hot Beans, (160 Baldwin St.) or a mouthwatering croissant from Wanda’s. (256 Augusta Ave.) 

If you’ve had enough of the crowds, stop for a pint on the patio at Ronnie’s Local 069, (69 Nassau St.) and order a delicious sandwich from the Grilled Cheese, (66 1/2 Nassau St.) which they’ll deliver straight to your picnic table. If you want patio lounging of a less alcoholic variety, sip coffee under the tree at Ideal, (84 Nassau St.) or stop by the bustling patio at Moonbean, (30 St. Andrew St.) where you can order everything from blooming tea to delicious ice cream-y delights. 

If your hangover demands brunch, head to KOS (61 Bellevue Ave.) or the Bellevue Cafe. (61A Bellevue) For something to send those with gluten allergies into fits of joy, try the crepes at Hibiscus (238 Augusta Ave.) Or, pick up tantalizing and ridiculously cheap middle eastern fare from Akram’s Shoppe (191 Baldwin St.) and have a picnic in the park. 

If your wallet is weighing you down, stop by Model Citizen (279 Augusta Ave.) for amazing screenprinted items, Good Egg (267 Augusta Ave.) for the stuff foodie dreams are made of, Courage my Love (14 Kensington Ave.) for spangled, sparkling, patchouli-scented vintage, Dancing Days (17 Kensington Ave.) for cowboy boots and old Levi’s, or any of the other vintage stores on the Kensington Avenue strip. 

If you’re looking to cook up a meal (because you couldn’t resist buying five new cookbooks from Good Egg), grab your ingredients along Baldwin, at My Market Bakery, Cheese Magic, Sanagan’s Meat Locker, European Quality Meats and Sausages, Seven Seas Fish Market, and Nuts Make The World Go Round. 

And, if you’re the one poor soul who showed up desperate for refuge and didn’t realize it was PS Kensington, hide out at The Sublime Cafe, (219 Augusta Ave.) where there’s vinyl for sale and they’re always playing something amazing to go with your americano. 

~ Haley Cullingham