There is definitely something to be said for take-out food. Eating a hot, just-made dinner in the comfort of your living room, in your underwear (because it’s currently humid as dicks in Montreal), while streaming some sort of sci-fi-drama on your laptop, pretty well tips the what-we-would-rather-be-doing-right-now scale.

A few weeks ago, we discovered an already-famous Montreal take-out gem: Rotisserie Romados (115 Rachel East). This Portuguese chicken and fry joint, which also features a pretty elaborate bakery section, easily serves up the best rotisserie chicken this city has to offer. This, in addition to their magnificent French fries that require no further seasoning once on your plate, apart from a dip into the lovely chicken grease accumulating at the bottom of your foam take-out container. Fact.

Quarter/half-chicken and fry combos are only six to eight dollars, and combos vary in size according to your appetite. Salad and freshly baked buns included. While there are a few seating areas along the windows, the humidity and ever-present scent of fried-whatever are enough to encourage the walk home to eat dinner. Plus, you’ll definitely need a lay-down and a tall glass of water when all has been consumed.

Romados is only open until 9pm, so it unfortunately doesn’t cater to 3am drunk-food needs; however, there is something to be said for appreciating good n’ greasy take-out food during daylight hours!

If you prefer to call ahead to place your order, Romados can be reached at 514-849-1803.

~ Tyler Yank | Photo: