This summer, Montreal catches up with the rest of Canada/the world: food trucks have arrived in the city. Yippee!

Unique twists to Quebecois gourmet cuisine, traditional Canadian comfort food (aka meatloaf in my sandwich, in a park, IN MY HAND), and tacos – because obviously tacos – are some of the wonders that these mobile food havens have on offer. Of course, the project has received criticism for only catering to higher budgets – if you are hoping for $2 hotdogs and regular poutine, stick to La Belle Province – so just keep this in mind when venturing out for street meat(loaf). 

There are nine allocated spots throughout the city where food trucks will be alternating until September 29, from 7am to 10pm at most locations. There’s even an app for that. And a blog with interactive maps and a full list of this summer’s vendors.

Local festivals are embracing this wonderful break-through in the Montreal food scene, too: Landry et filles served an exceptional homemade rhubarb and strawberry popsicle at Folk Fest along the Lachine Canal, and Just For Laughs has followed suit.

From July 13 to July 27, the Just For Laughs Festival presents a square of food trucks at Place-des-arts, between de Maisonneuve, Balmoral, Bleury and Mayor. If you’d like the full Montreal food truck experience, this is the venue you’ll want to check out, pre- or post-comedy gala.

Bon appétit, Montreal!