Is your kid showing an early interest in computer science and tech? Why not indulge the curiosity with Tinker Builder Gamer Pi, a week-long day camp in Leslieville that teaches kids about the world of STEM.

Campers will learn how to make their own video game using the Unity Game Design Engine (umm…where was this when we were kids?). In this exciting and interactive day camp, they’ll garner valuable skills like team-building, problem-solving and decision-making.

Tinker Builder Gamer Pi is open to students aged 7–9, and 10–13. No experience is necessary. August weeks are filling up, so register soon! Registration is $420/week per child (taxes included).

Tinker Builder Gamer Pi is a non-profit organization focused on providing fun and educational camps, workshops, and after-school programming for kids. Campers will learn a unique curriculum built by a team of web-developers, programmers, gamers and designers. For more information, click here.