If you’re longing for a truly Canadian adventure this winter, may we suggest DOG SLEDDING AND SNOW TUBING?

Take a comfy van ride to Sundridge, where the Sugardogs Adventure Company will introduce you to dog sledding along gorgeous natural trails following the contours of the 100-acre property. Prepare for a VERY warm greeting by close to thirty well-loved dogs. Go ahead and say hi, but be prepared to receive doggy kisses in return. You’ll get an extensive lesson on how to lead your sled dog team through the winding forest trails. Then you’ll split up into groups, alternating between sledding and snowshoeing through the woods. 

After a hot lunch next to a roaring fireplace, you’ll venture out to the Snow Valley Ski Area for an afternoon of SNOW TUBING! No experience or skills required; just sit in the tube and let gravity take over. FUN. 

Dog Sledding/Tubing Tours run throughout the winter, return transportation from Toronto is included. Register here.