After managing several TIFF events and ten late nights of partying, it’s amazing that Jenn Godbout, the Senior Marketing Manager at The Drake Hotel, can get on her bike and see films looking this fresh faced and smiley. But she does! And here’s how:

Jenn describes her TIFF about town look: My dress is from the lovely Bicyclette near Trinity Bellwoods, my jacket is from Penny Arcade on Dundas, my necklace is from 69 Vintage, my bag is from a sidewalk sale in Venice (10 euros!) and my shoes are H&M.

Pretty but not overdone, Jenn dishes her beauty secrets: I don’t use a lot of makeup, but am sporting MAC’s “Secret Lover” lipstick, mascara by Top Shop (partly because I really love their packaging) OPI’s “I want to be a lone star” nail polish from the Texas collection and Kevin Murphy’s “Powder Puff” in my hair (always my savior when I don’t have time to shower).  

From cabaret to dumplings, Jenn’s night out at TIFF: After 3 amazing nights at Festival Music House (the Sheepdogs were fantastic live) we headed to Rémi Bezançon’s A Happy Event gala. The film took the audience on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and Louise Bourgoin was looking anything but pregnant as she chatted (in French) on the red carpet about the film. From there we headed to the Drake to catch Maylee Todd’s cabaret performance and a late dinner in the new Drake Chinatown pop-up restaurant. After firecracker shrimp and dumplings we biked (yes, biked) to The Hoxton.

Best part of the night: The surprise kung fu performance at the Drake that had unsuspecting dinner guests cheering from all corners of the room. Oh, and crawling into bed after a looong day.

Best overheard quote: “I’m never having babies” X10 different people leaving the “A Happy Event” gala.

Celebs spotted: Louise Bourgoin was obviously at the screening and The Sam Roberts Band and k-os were at the Drake. 

The predominant conversation topic: How tired everyone is and the art of eating rice with chopsticks.

Any swag? A CD/artist booklet courtesy of Festival Music House and some left over beef and broccoli from Drake Chinatown (which counts as “swag” to me).

How did the night end? With sparkling cider and a lot of laughs at 416 Snack Bar.

At this point, beef and broccoli as swag is much preferred to yet another bottle of perfume.