by Louisa Cohen

Gingham, polka dot, argyle, and the checker – all are classic patterns, all completely darling of course – none as sleek and polished as my favorite, the stripe. At a friends party recently, I was likened to a zebra, an escaped convict, and a sailor within the span of 15 minutes. I wear nautical stripes so often I am seriously considering an anchor tattoo.

My most favorite striped pieces have to be my Saint James nautical sweaters. I pick them up now and again at Lark, a Main Street boutique just down the way.

Like a sailor, I too live in a uniform – jeans, my flavor of the month lace-ups (currently: FEIYUE warrior sneakers) and more often then not a striped shirt. On most days, I’ll choose one of my Saint James nautical sweaters to top off my top-half. The comfy knits have so many classic color options – you won’t fear constantly looking like The Hamburglar or a Parisian dude…unless you’re going for that. The sweaters are so completely sophisticated, comfortable, washer friendly, and flattering – your AA hoodies will be thing of the past.

Among other striped items, Lark also carries socks and tee-shirts by Saint James. For a quality product made in France, the prices won’t have you screaming merde, but a sure-fire Ooh la la!!!

Other treasures I’ve recently taken home from Lark have been a boyfriend blazer by Tiger of Sweden, a tartan Barbour backpack, and a charming pair of grey Nudie jeans… men’s actually. (Lark’s selection for both men and women is so lovely I’m cross-dressing more then ever)

If embracing the classic stripe so fully and so often is a crime – I plead guilty… I‘ve already got my prison duds (mine made in France, of course)

LARK is located at 2315 Main St.