The holiday season is upon us, which is making us reflect on holidays past and the items that hold special memories of times spent with family and friends.

We asked a couple of the Leslieville Flea vendors to share their fondest memories of the holidays. Meet these vendors (and shop for everyone on your list) at the Leslieville Flea Holiday Markets November 26th and December 10th at SH Armstrong Community Centre (56 Woodfield Rd).

I’m Regina, owner of online store @luvewantshop. Luvewant is an extension of my love for all things retro plus vintage home décor; a bit rustic, more boho vibes and mid-century glam.

My fondest memory of the holidays is putting together the Christmas tree as a kid. It was always a family event. We had a fake tree with paint at the end of each branch, indicating assorted sizes and where on the tree each branch should go. The fact that red and orange was in fact the same size branch is an amusing memory now.

Van Oostrom Vintage is a mother /daughter business born from collecting vintage items over many years. Myself (Rosemary) and my daughter Janine specialize in collecting and selling cameras, suitcases and wool blankets as well as other household items.

My fondest memories of the holidays are spending time with Janine and watching her open gifts.

The item that most reminds me of the holidays is a book that we used to read when Janine was a child titled The Sweet Smell of Christmas. It was a scratch and sniff book but because it was second hand, it no longer had any smells other than a somewhat musty, been-in-the-attic smell. Janine insists to this day that she could smell each picture, including the Christmas orange. A nice memory.

Check out all the Leslieville Flea vendors November 26th and December 10th at SH Armstrong Community Centre (56 Woodfield Rd.)