Are you a queer Toronto woman seeking the company of other cool queer broads but finding it hard to meet your crew? Woman, there’s an app for that! Or, at least, there WILL be if Annabel and Alex meet their crowdfunding goals. (Jump to the indiegogo campaign now.)

Fret not. In the meantime, you can sign up for their newsletter or cruise the Let’z site to check out upcoming meet-ups or events that bring together like-minded LGBQT women who just wanna chill and do stuff together. (Book club! Billiards! Karaoke! Board games night! Who’s in?)

Beyond their own organized events, Let’z also provides their community with a monthly calendar of happenings in Toronto that they think their members will dig. ShitShow Queer Comedy Night, Yes Yes Y’all, Mocktail Mixer, Queer and Trans Family Events, and SO MUCH MORE! This is the resource the city has been lacking! And it’s so good. Put another way, if you’re looking for the girl version of Church Street, here it is.

We love this hilarious and totally relatable video that shares the backstory of why they created this community, and their hopes and dreams for the future. Watch it now.