Last weekend the the new Lexus CT200h (h for hybrid!) rolled into the Distillery and hosted a bash to announce itself as the new car for urban professionals. Aside from circling the swank new vehicles and getting an inside look at the Lexus CT200h design – there were ongoing free concerts that included indie faves The Stills, Paper Lions, Midway State and the mesmerizing Lily Frost. Weekends at the Distillery are usually spent casually strolling into Lileo, grabbing a coffee at Balzac’s, perusing the galleries and getting cameo appearances in wedding shots but I guess you could say that this past weekend, the historic cobblestone district got it’s engine revved. It was definitely more rock and less saunter.

Growing up in a family wherein our father raced cars and has rallied round the world a few times, we likely appreciate a sexy and powerful ride more than most women our age.  Although we didn’t get to test the machine out first hand, we are impressed with the two driving mode features – that allow you to switch from ecomode to a more aggressive drive, the first would be for trips to Ikea while the latter for cruising the 401 to Montreal.

What we absolutely must have in a car is sharp handling – and although we couldn’t test that out, Lexus has a good reputation in this department. Hmmm, we did get to smell the car though, who can resist that new car smell? Do you think if someone bottled that it would make a good cologne?

Following our meet and greet with the CT200h and some front row dancing to The Stills – we meandered to Pure Spirits for a dozen oysters and vodka. It was a most enjoyable Friday eve. Apparently cars can throw good parties.

For more info on the CT200h, which comes out in Spring 2011 – go here.
Julian Brass of Notable TV did a video that takes you inside the new Lexus – wanna take a peek?

photos courtesy of Notable TV