Last week I found out that the first article I wrote for Shedoesthecity was one of the top 100 read stories in the last six months. For a girl who just started her internship here (or it feels like I just started), it felt pretty dam good to hear that. 

Finding that out gave me inspiration for a new piece. The original story was about my transition from small-town Saskatchewan to booming Toronto, and it gave me the idea to write a piece about life lessons I learned on the farm. Yes, I’m serious: the farm taught me a lot.

Last week I got to deliver a prize to a contest winner, and it felt pretty good knowing you’re probably making someone’s day.

I also wrote a few pieces about prom for Shedoesthecity Teen, and it was kind of fun looking at all the dresses and reading about how excited girls are for their proms—especially for me, a girl who never had a prom.

Thursday was the highlight of my week: I went to see The Sheepdogs. You see, The Sheepdogs are from Saskatchewan, and I’m from Saskatchewan. I felt an instant love for them when I found that out years ago, and then listened to them and fell in love for real. So, to go see them at a small venue with a small group of other people was pretty magical. Not to mention the fact that I was standing two feet away from them, and got to meet two of them after (Leot Hanson and Sam Corbett). Thank goodness I can act professional because inside I was having a total fan-girl moment. Aside from the actual show, I like any event where there’s an open bar and more appetizers than I can handle. 

When I was working from home last Friday, I got my first advanced copy of a book delivered to me. I spent most of my afternoon swallowed in the book, drinking coffee, and cuddling my pet bunny (tough life). So, you can expect the low-down on that soon.

One lesson I’ve learned so far in my internship is that the more creativity and fun you can have with a piece, the more likely you are to enjoy writing it—and feel a sense of satisfaction when it gets published.

And there you have it, another week in the life of an intern!