Lily + Jae: Pack up and run away

-Elli Stuhler 

There’s something awfully Jack Kerouac about Lily + Jae’s spring line.

The embedded theme calls for escaping your city and your worries in a powder blue convertible with nothing but your guitar and your style. While the designer claims each collection is inspired by a different global city, this season the collection seems to be the antithesis of a squeaky clean metropolitan panache and boasts the implication that their pieces are just waiting to soak up the sweat of the dusty trail. 

Indeed, their partially-released spring/summer line’s splashy prints, flirty dresses and emphasis on denim are the perfect fit for aroad trip.  

Lily + Jae was born in September 2007 when Jude Feller decided to quit her day job in the costume department for film and television and decided to start up her own line. Two and a half years later the line has spread across Canada, USA, Japan and Singapore. The line is designed and manufactured exclusively in Vancouver and has been seen on the likes of Lily Allen, Sarah Polley and Amy Smart.  

With the release of their new line, Lily + Jae is looking to offer fashion bloggers a chance at winning $200 for their online store. Simply publish a post and send them a link to Contest ends Feb. 10th so get crackin’! 

For retail locations of Lily + Jae, click here

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