Have you exhausted Netflix? Are you seeking a quality movie night at home with an Oscar-winning film like Little Women or an action-packed blockbuster like Birds of Prey?

With their theatres closing mid March, Cineplex recently revealed a new offering to accommodate social distancing. Canadians can now browse all the films that would be playing in theatre, as well as their enormous catalogue of titles, and choose to rent or purchase for at-home viewing. 

If you are really want to recreate the movie-going experience, you can even select a big ol’ bag of movie popcorn or anything from their range of confectionary to be delivered to your door. 

https://store.cineplex.com/We suggest.you book an evening, create your perfect living room theatre, select a couple films you’ve been dying to see, call in a food order and live it up! Do it in your best loungewear, or do it in the nude. We may not be able to leave our homes freely, but we still have choices!

See the full lineup of films you can watch here.