Main Street’s reputation as a place for good eats is quickly growing.  The Whip is tucked away on 6th, a little further from the most popular areas.  It’s not a secret to those who live nearby, but it may be unknown if you’re not from the area.

The Whip offers reasonably priced brunch, lunch, and dinner in a chic but casual space.  The walls are lined with local art for sale, giving it a decidedly hip, artsy feel.  There’s also a little side patio in the summer.  The foot traffic isn’t too heavy by the patio, but the people watching inside is just as good as it would be on the street.

The food has been solid every time I’ve gone.  Their veggie burger comes out looking almost like a rare steak.  It’s constructed with beets and black beans, and is a satisfying offering.  For something a little lighter, try the arugula fig salad.  Sweet figs and crunchy fennel contrast the peppery arugula for a clean, simple salad.  At brunch, the chorizo and tomato benny puts a twist on the classic.  Or try the ChowTown, named for a customer who always ordered this breakfast combination.

The Whip is known for having a good beer selection, including a number of good local brews available by the pitcher.  Their cocktail menu is also extensive, and their bartenders knowledgeable.  If you order a classic that’s not on the menu, they’ll generally know how to make it. 

If you’re hosting an event, see if they’ll open the upstairs for you.  The service is a little slower, but you have your own dedicated area to drink the night away!

~ Meghan Roberts