Handbags, like a good glass of wine or mouthwatering dessert, tend to evoke a visceral reaction, a certain level of craving not usually associated with material goods. That’s because when you find the right handbag, (oh, that elusive creature!) you become almost inseparable. You carry it everywhere, sometimes for years. You find yourself subtly altering your shopping choices around it. Usually, it’s the most important item in your wardrobe, both functionally and aesthetically, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll put it through its paces.

Jessica Jensen is a Canadian designer who’s a veteran of the accessories game, and for the last few years has channeled her expertise into crafting buttery-soft and beautiful bags. Her high-quality pieces have a cult following (including but not limited to ultimate style icon of tough-as-nails grace HELEN MIRREN!), and when toting a Jessica Jensen bag, customers are often stopped on the street to ask who they’re carrying. While Jessica’s pieces are well worth the investment, the price point of her collection is a bit steep for some of us. SHOPPING CHANNEL TO THE RESCUE! Wait, what?

Available online at The Shopping Channel on May 1st, and on air on May 2 at 5 p.m. and May 3 at 9 a.m. and noon, the Jessica Jensen Signature Collection captures the spirit of Jessica’s design philosophy in fun colours at a lower price point. Many of her best-loved pieces are re-interpreted from their original classic colours in rich moss green, cobalt blue, marbled purple, black and magenta. From the office to weekend shopping to a swanky night out, there’s something in the collection for everything on your calendar. We picked some of our favourite pieces from both Jessica Jensen Collection and Jessica Jensen Signature for the ultimate handbag wishlist. We suggest picking up something Signature for the young mums in your life, and then a classic Collection piece for mum or Grandma. Or yourself. We won’t tell.

Jessica Jensen Signature

1. The Paige Portfolio, $195
2. The Savannah Satchel, $295
3. The Serena Satchel, $395
4. The Adison Envelope, $155
5. The Emma Tablet Case, $95

Jessica Jensen Collection

1. Brooklyn Box Satchel, $598
2. Katie Convertible, $698
3. Catherine Carryall, $398
4. Melissa Top Handle, $498
5. Princeton Pencil Case, $78

~ Haley Cullingham