For the matrons of Rosedale and boomer moms in North Toronto, Lundstrom is perfect. Conservative well made clothes with subtle detail and classic lines. The oversized sweaters, pant-suits and tailored coats offer a polished look that is exceptionally tasteful and unique but subtle. A head-to-toe Lundstrom look would make for a terrific impression at the office, Pusateri’s and the Havergal College rotunda.

For a little more glitz, the short metallic cocktail dress adds spark and fun for a Granite Club affair.

When we feel like pretending to be a Scandinavian equestrian hottie, we could see ourselves in the beige/tan layered look with pin-skirt, peti-coat, brown boots and yanked up socks. However, the Lundstrom Fall/Winter 2010 collection is best suited North of Bloor… and would complement any new Lexus. Not for us but we shall rave-on to mom.