By Becca Lemire
Finally, the internet is starting to get a little more proactive about relationships; much more proactive than dating sites. Introducing to you, and made in Canada: I love this age of endless online possibilities to life’s many situations. Sometimes you just don’t want your friends to know everything about your boyfriend’s penis. Or what you did last night when you were wasted. Or what you can’t wait to try and how to do it. And you either can’t afford, don’t need or don’t want a mental health professional to know all your dirty secrets.

LuvHertz is an anonymous, friendly place to post all your questions and concerns and get real feedback from peers, all around the world, about relationships, dating and love. Members hail from North America, the Caribbean, India, Africa and the Middle East, so far. If any of you eager beavers out there have already seen Sex and the City 2 yet, there is plenty of East-meets-West convo and controversy in it. Maybe you will get a bit of a cultural experience out of being on LuvHertz, like if someone from Toronto posted a question and got sex advice from someone in Dubai. Just an idea.

The site was made by Charly Nelson after years of too many bad dating experiences, with too few objective outsiders to share stories with and get advice from. It’s for everyone – gay, straight, single, married; if you’ve ever had a question, someone out there on LuvHertz surely has an answer. You make a VibeFile (profile), and invite friends to join your entourage. Your LuvLog is where you make your posts, then you send your entourage a Freqout alert message, so they know you need their feedback. Your VibeMeter will measure how much advice is coming in. The invented slang is a bit corny, and some terms sound like things you would find in a sex shop (like…VibeMeter), but the site itself is a revolutionary new online community concept. And hey, maybe with all your new worldly advice tucked under your brazier, the only thing that will be hurting is your luvely bed.