There’s no motivator quite like a new exercise outfit. Sporting something you’re excited about wearing can translate into enthusiasm and have a positive impact on your performance. 

If you’re in the market for some motivation, look no further than your own backyard. The activewear industry in Canada is saturated with local labels, many of which prioritize sustainability, without sacrificing style. Take care of your body–and the planet while you’re at–by swapping your go-to spandex for some Toronto-born activewear. 

Loko Sport


Ryerson alumni Sandra Maniago started Loko Sport in 2006. Over a decade later, her Canadian-made collections boast style and sustainability in equal parts. Beyond the company’s core values pertaining to a positive work environment, Loko Sport employs sustainable fibres as a rule. Bamboo, Modal and Chitosante are three of the innovative fibres with which Loko is proud to work, all of which are biodegradable and pesticide- and formaldehyde-free. 



Encircled dubs their brand “Full-circle fashion. Fashion that helps the planet, the people who make our clothes and customers like you live better lives.” All of their clothes are made in Toronto through small-batch production, in an effort to diminish costs and pollution associated with transport. Above all, Encircled values transparency re: production methods, as well as materials and processes. In other words, it’s no secret that they use premium and sustainable blends of Modal, Tencel and Bamboo and low-impact dyes in the production of their activewear.



TITIKA Active is an international brand with Toronto roots and a relatable philosophy: to create effortlessly chic activewear that’s versatile enough to transcend the gym. Founded in 2009, TITIKA owns and manages their own production facility abroad, meaning they control how their clothing is produced, as well as the employment standards for both their local and overseas teams. Their garments comprise eco-friendly fibres, such as Modal and Tencel.

Inner Fire


Leggings made of BPA-free water bottles and shirts made with water-based inks are just two of the many impressive hallmarks of the Inner Fire brand. As stated on their website: “We create lifestyle clothing that fosters connection and honours Mother Earth.” Beyond their sustainable manufacturing processes, Inner Fire takes their brand one step further via their “Giving Back” programs, such as their “One Tree Planted” initiative, which took flight in 2012.



Founded by Andrea Morris in 2014, BYoga is a Markham-based company that markets an ever-relevant product for yogis: the yoga mat. Morris’ reimagined yoga mat features an innovative type of rubber, (originally created for carpet pads), which has more than a few redeeming qualities, including an exceptionally grippy texture, durability and eco-friendliness. Her innovation has since been coined the “B MAT,” and on its heels are a bevy of unique accessories, many of which are hand-made in Toronto.