Nearly ten years ago Mary Young (yes, this Mary Young) suffered from a concussion that resulted in post-concussion syndrome, leaving her living in chronic pain for six years. Her journey in dealing with chronic pain – and the limitations that came along with that — has changed her outlook on not only her body but also her inner strength.

This Thursday at RIDE Cycle Club (98 Ossington) join Mary for A Lesson In Self Love: Power in Movement. This evening will focus on the physical body, the power within ourselves and challenging the way we look at our bodies. The session consists of a fifty-minute spin class followed by a short talk from Mary Young over wine and donuts, along with a selection of MARY YOUNG lingerie and loungewear to shop. 

RIDE starts at 7pm with drinks and treats to follow shortly after 8. If you are unable to attend the spin class, please join for the talk and shopping afterwards!

Seating is limited, to ensure you have a bike, sign up here. Get all the deets here.