MARY CHRISTMAS aka MRS. CLAUS (1889 – Present)

By Jen Houston
Why We Should Care: As wife to Santa Claus, Mary Christmas assists in toy-making and cookie-baking for all the good girls and boys, which hopefully this year includes you and me. The first known mention of “Goody (Goodwife) Santa Claus” was in the 1889 poem Goody Santa Claus On A Sleigh Ride by Katherine Lee Bates (who also wrote America The Beautiful.) Though Mrs. Claus is usually pictured as an elderly woman, she also takes the form of a sexy young chick in a fur-lined red mini-dress. 

Hottest Hook-Ups: As far as we know, Mary has been faithful to Santa all these years. However, her husband may have had his own infidelities; in 1952 it was reported that a child saw his mother kissing Mr. Claus, underneath the mistletoe one night. 

For Her Biopic We’d Cast: Mrs. Claus has already been portrayed by several actresses, including Elizabeth Mitchell (The Santa Clause 2 &3), Miranda Richardson (Fred Claus), and Angela Lansbury (Mrs. Santa Claus). Lansbury’s soft-spoken, grandmotherly voice makes her the quintessential choice. 

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