Mary Elizabeth Veronica Kelly

Where do you live: Toronto, Ontario, in Baldwin Village

What do you do: I’m a student studying Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University, and a marketing assistant at the Ryerson Career Centre. And I do some comedy!

Favourite places to shop: I like Kensington Market because it’s so close and cheap. For simple stuff, I’ve always been a fan of Campus Crew. I honestly even like Northern Getaway. I just like good quality stuff that’s not super expensive. I don’t like these thin thin shirts… I wanna get my money’s worth.

Music you can’t stop listening to: Stevie Wonder, Kool and the Gang, John Mayer, Patsy Cline

Perfect Friday night: Come home exhausted, put on sweat pants, make comfort food, watch TV until I get dragged out by friends. Then i dress up and go out. The part I like is feeling that the week is done, and the mental exhaustion.

What is your Secret Weapon: My cowboy boots.

Where did you get them: Ironically I come from a farm so you’d think they’re from home, but I got them in Kensington.

Why do you love them? Because – it’s silly – but i put them on, and they don’t even give you a choice – they make you strut. I cannot put on cowboy boots and walk like there’s no reason to walk. You put on cowboy boots to walk a certain way.

If you lost them, you would…: Oh man…. I’ve thought about the fact that they’ll be worn out soon. I would phone my best friend who owns horses and ask to borrow a pair of hers because I’d be too upset to actually purchase another pair. I’d go on loan for a pair until I can spend the money.



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