By Becca Lemire
We’ve probably all done this once or twice in our lives: to impress your recent FB-friend and crush, you make your status “Fine dining with Whitney.” The reality is you’re sitting at home with your cat eating Haagen-Dazs and watching Whitney Houston’s E True Hollywood Story. We’ve all been there. Well, Maude-Lynne lives there and she’s built a window for the outside world. Maude-Lynne Sells Out is debuting at the 2010 Fringe Festival coming up July 2-11. You have 7 (seven!) different days to go to a show, and tickets are $10; visit for more info, and watch the hilarious 90-second Kate Bush lip-synch preview here.

Maude-Lynne Favour is a 19th century girl with 21st century problems. She’s always reading the Bronte sisters, dresses like it’s the Victorian era and is, you guessed it, all about drama and romance with a surprise futuristic element. The truth is she lives in her mother’s basement and isn’t making enough cash selling her artifacts and nostalgic items on E-Bay, so she has to sell them to real people in real life. The problem is, Maude-Lynne doesn’t actually have any friends and I’m sure you’ll get why when you see the play. So she’s invited her internet friends to the sale and we all know how reliable those friends can be. It’s a cheeky, creative comedy about reality-based love (as if..), real estate, and really old things. Live music and somehow a live auction will be thrown in there as well.

Morgan Norwich plays Maude in her first one woman show, with original music by Peter Cavell, who also makes appearances as Maude’s nerdy bf who gets bossed around. Morgan says this was somewhat inspired by her real-life love situations, however at this current moment she’s single and ready to mingle. When Morgan was little, her mom put her into acting classes because she was so shy, and is now a graduate of U of T’s University College Drama Program, and runs her own theatre company with a few colleagues and friends. Maude-Lynne was written by Morgan and Johnnie Walker (Boylesque TO []) who make up the theatre company Nobody’s Business, along with Courtney J. Walker and Caitlin McCarthy, based in Toronto, which has delighted audiences around Canada with original works for over 5 years now. They like to put on shows that are fun, funny, full of heart and ghetto fabulous, with emphasis on the fabulous. They’re responsible for, among many others, 8 Girls Without Boyfriends and The Muhammad of Yorkville, both of which received rave reviews. The Redheaded Stepchild, Johnnie’s one man show is playing at Summerworks Theatre Festival in August.