Me to We Style creates apparel you can feel good about. In a world where the manufacturing of goods is so often ethically unsound, Me to We crafts their clothes in Canada. There are no sweatshops, no child workers, the materials are organic or recycled, and they even have a close-ended water system to prevent toxins from entering lakes and streams. And the designs? They’re great. No, really. Me to We is the definition of the Right Thing done right, which is why we’re excited that they’re teaming up with the Junos to create a limited-edition selection of tees, scarves, bags and sweaters celebrating the awards.

The buttery-soft tees and scarves are emblazoned with the words LIVE MUSIC, and as with everything from Me to We style, 50% of the profits go to Free the Children, helping them execute community development projects around the world. For Me to We, this collaboration is about bringing people together through a love of music and commitment to sustainability and responsibility.

They sent us a few of the new shirts, so we had a fun neighbourhood photo shoot. STRIKE A POSE IF YOU LOVE LIVE MUSIC AND SUSTAINABLE SARTORIAL CHOICES!

The apparel ranges from $24.50-$59.99. Pick something up today and show off your love of music and smart consumerism.

~ Haley Cullingham