My name is Kevin Naulls, and I’ll be your She Does the City Toronto Fashion Week liaison.

In the past, I’ve written publicly about attitudes toward plus-sized women in Toronto, the very real and olfactory potpourri of people farting during fashion week, the egos, the false bravado and the icons that make up our burgeoning fashion scene. In the process, I have made myself a lot of enemies (and frenemies) (and fashenemies). Fashion journalism can be very concrete—editor assumes role of nationalist fashion-poet and writes about nice clothes while wearing nice clothes. It’s one segment of the economy that is, if observed, a lot like live theatre.

I was asked by She Does the City to report from the front lines of fashion week. I will be Tweeting, Instagramming and reporting on what’s up on the runway. What’s often missing from Fashion Week reporting is true storytelling, and I plan to bring that to the site. I want my pieces to be a gateway into the truths and triumphs of an event that is still just maturing into a calendar fashion week. There will be gloss and sex because Toronto is a talent pool, but there will also be grit. You’ll be exposed to everything I see and hear, and that’s the way it should be. This season, fashion is transparent.