Memorialize Your Love with Hot Pop Factory’s 3D Printing Kissing Booth

This. Is so cool. 3D printing is totally awesome, and Hot Pop Factory are continually taking the new medium to new heights. Case in point? Their 3D Printing Kissing Booth.

Sure to one day be as treasured by your grandkids as a box of Polaroids or an embroidered handkerchief, you can immortalize your love and friendship with a 3D printed replication. On February 12 and 13, stop by Untitled & Co (717 Queen St. W.) to be scanned and printed, and take home a mini version of yourself and your favourite person to cherish forever. Hot Pop’s awesome 3D printed jewellery will also be on display.

The booth will be open from 6-9 pm — don’t miss it!

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