Wow, we had some very entertaining mistakes last month including a terrible moving day, a face full of chocolate, a ruined surprise party, and an embarrassing chat with a boyfriend’s boss—but our winner is @Alex Rae who dyed her own hair… and HANDS last month! Hope the manicure makes you forget all your woes, Alex!

My mistake of the month this time around is relationship-related. I’m going to use the words “break up,” but I really mean “end of a tiny thing.” So like, don’t worry, no tears. The mistake isn’t so much about the “break up” as it is about the logistics of the “break up”… Okay.

Hint: obviously, never agree to have an “it’s over” convo when you’re day-drunk, no matter how insistent the other party is. Especially if they’re upset and you’re having a great day with your pals and don’t want to interrupt the fun times for an “It’s me, really, really, very obviously, it’s me, you’re great, goodbye” chat. But most importantly, never agree to having said conversation on a bridge.

Big mistake.

A bridge may seem like the perfect place for a final goodbye, but trust me, it’s not. It may sound romantic and cinematic, but it’s not. Or if it is, my life is a whacky Rom Com and hopefully this will just be a part of the “bad break ups” montage that plays before my character realizes that the key to finding happiness was in/near her all along and she just had to…do a thing (I don’t know what that thing is yet, because I have reached that part of my life/movie) and then everything career/love/everything-wise works out perfectly and the credits roll. Probably this is what is going to happen.

Duh, pressure of the weird dramatic location, ugh. Did you really need to pick the bridge? Feels a bit forced, doesn’t it? But also more importantly, foot bridges have foot traffic.  They are busy. Lots of people just want to hang out on them and look into the distance while you mutter to someone about how you’re sorry about how things worked out but it was nice while it lasted and it’s over now. People also like to use bridges for exercise. They like to run up the stairs and across the bridge and back down the stairs and repeat this over and over again. All of these people are definitely aware of what is happening. And they are loving it. At one point I said something about maybe not talking to each other for a while and a man walking past stopped, whistled, and said “Woah! Harsh, man!” Great. Lots of long side glances. Lots of fun for everyone.

So, never hold a break up (even a minor one!) on a bridge. Too much drama, too many onlookers. Monica recently wrote a guide to break ups for all of us grown-ass women, and she specifically mentioned choosing a good location. Sadly her wise words came too late in the month for me. Mistake made.

I took part in a poorly-planned break up, on a bridge, in front of a live audience—what’d you do wrong? Comment below for your chance to win a special SDTC gift basket filled with all kinds of goodies!