It’s not every day you get an e-mail from an erotic model who specializes in blow jobs. Although, around here, it’s probably more often than usual. Camille Crimson uses her web developer skills to make and post erotic films with her boyfriend of seventeen years. As if that weren’t intriguing enough, she specializes in blow jobs. Their work has fans from all over the spectrum: couples, straight men and women, gay guys. We were curious about why she decided to start making porn, why she feels her work is important, and why blow jobs turn her on. She gave us all the details, and we think some of them will surprise you.

SDTC: So how does a girl, in between watching zombie movies and cooking boeuf bourguignon, become an erotic model? Tell us about your journey into this industry.

CC: Well, I have been doing coding for a while and I’ve been interested in web development for some time. My boyfriend and I had already been together for a decade and his background is in film and photography. We had been working together and independently on projects for other people, but it wasn’t incredibly satisfying. Our sex life was still going strong, in fact stronger than ever, and we just started playing around with shooting photos. As they became more erotic, we became even more excited and we decided to start a site called  It was successful and we started playing around with video, so we decided to open up another site with a more narrow focus called  The progression was all pretty natural because it was something we did with support from each other.

SDTC: Why blowjobs? What is it about them that turns you on, and why did you make them the focus of your site?

CC: I have enjoyed blowjobs for quite a long time… I’m really into giving pleasure, but I also definitely love the feeling of being skilled and being in control. They can be very sensual and erotic, especially if you slow down to really pay attention to the details. And being so close to his orgasm at the end is beautiful… It enables you to really see, feel and taste it. Getting access to that kind of pleasure is wonderful.

SDTC: Who are you making your erotic content for?

CC: It’s really for everybody. It’s classy and approachable, so a lot of couples love it, but so do a lot of single men and a surprising amount of women as well. I’ve also had quite a few gay guys message me saying that, even though they’re not really into women, they love seeing a really great blowjob so they find our porn super hot anyways.

SDTC: You always make the films with your boyfriend-has this experience strengthened your relationship? How?

CC: Oh, absolutely. It’s a creative project, a job and a sexual experience all rolled into one. We’re been doing this since 2006 and we’ve learned so much about each other in that time. We work well together, the onscreen sexuality fuels offscreen sexuality… It’s been an incredibly positive experience for both of us and our relationship is all the better for it.

SDTC: What porn do you love to watch?

CC: I tend to enjoy more on the amateur end of the spectrum, because you feel the real passion and I’m also less inclined to be critical of amateur camera techniques. It’s nice to be able to turn the business/aesthetic part of my brain off and just enjoy the passion. In specific, I enjoy lesbian and anal sex as niches, but I’m intrigued by a lot of things.

SDTC: What are some of the biggest challenges in doing what you do?

CC: There’s a lot to balance and sometimes it’s hard to shut off and do other things, since part of the work I do is just being myself on social media and in my blog. I’ve taken up motorcycling in the past year and I’ve found that it’s a great tool to get me out and unplugged. Aside from that, of course there’s a stigma about sharing your sexuality, but I’ve largely learned to let that just slide off my back. I think what I’m doing is valuable and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.

SDTC: Sexuality, especially on the internet, can be a tricky discussion. Why do you feel it’s important to do what you do?

CC: I want to show people that porn can actually be beautiful. It’s important that porn is accessible to a wide audience, so we make something that is palatably sensual while still technically hardcore, showing that there can be beauty found in so many different sex acts. It encourages other people to find that for themselves in their own sex lives… I think it’s a wonderful thing.

~ Haley Cullingham