Zoofest is not a party where goats wear hats and monkeys kazoo (although please invite us to that). It is Montreal’s most vibrant and eclectic festival for emerging talent. But in this case, emerging means the last wee climb before the tipping point of cult status or viral wonder.

General Manager and Artistic Director Martin Durocher spends most of the year touring around the world watching semi-underground shows. After watching around 300 performances, he selects a varied program for Montreal audiences with the main goal to “create a wild adventure and unique experience.”

Comedy, cabaret, burlesque, music and magic: Zoofest covers a variety of disciplines but all have a bizarre, gritty and, perhaps, naughty undercurrent.  If you’re lucky, a Zoofest show will have you feeling like you’ve entered another world. If it makes you feel uninhibited, a little bit animalistic, roll with it. The deeper you explore, the more friends you’ll make. Grrrr.

Zoofest is part of Montreal’s Festimania and continues until July 31. See full program details here.