Nina K Moore is a Toronto-based anxiety coach and educator that hosts a variety of writing workshops. Her upcoming Find Your Slow class explores our fast-paced productivity-obsessed culture, while also giving attendees permission to discover (or rediscover) a new pace. What gifts arise when we loosen our schedule and slow down? 

“Slowing down is a process, a practice to come back to again and again,” says Nina, who understands the stress that arises when life is too hectic. “For me, slowness didn’t feel like a choice at first. But as I (reluctantly) welcomed it in, life started to expand rather than contract. I’ve learned that with slowness comes depth, connection and opportunity. For me, it is integral to managing my anxiety, to being productive (on my terms), and enjoying motherhood.”

Through a series of gentle writing prompts, Nina will encourage participants to discover their personal vision for slowness, while also helping them find tools and strategies to achieve that vision. 

As with all of Nina’s warm and welcoming writing workshops, Find Your Slow is open to writers of all levels. If your in need of some tender self-care, Nina’s classes feel like the best kind of therapy; we always leave feeling relaxed in the body, and inspired in the mind. 

Find Your Slow is a two-part workshop via Zoom happening Tuesday, Oct 12 (7:30-9PM) and Thursday, Oct 14 (7-8:30PM). The cost is $35 for both workshops, or you can select a two-session workshop + 60-Minute follow-up private session for $95. More info + registration here