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Television Host Sarah Taylor tells us about her Contiki adventure to the Galapagos Islands

We all know and love Sarah Taylor for her job as a Television host (and amazing hair), but did you know she’s also an activist and world traveller? IT JUST MAKES US LOVE HER EVEN MORE! Sarah recently went on an amazing Contiki Holiday to the Galapagos Islands, and her pictures looked amazing so we HAD to ask her all about it.

SDTC: If you had to pick your top three highlights from the trip, what would they be?

Sarah Taylor: If I had to pick, I would definitely mention snorkelling with the sharks! We were in the water with Shark Savers for a program called Sharks Count, literally helping them to work towards shark conservation in Galapagos at Kicker Rock—it was one of the most magical days of my entire life. My initial nervousness was swept away with an almost meditative experience swimming with the sharks. I still daydream about it.

Spending time photographing endemic wildlife on the volcanic beaches in Galapagos was also spectacular. Taking in the unbelievable scenery and learning about one of the world’s most famous natural laboratories while being greeted by animals that exist only on that part of the world was very cool. I also had a wonderful experience connecting with Contiki‘s sustainability partner Celine Cousteau who joined us on the trip. Her insight, passion and knowledge made the trip unforgettable, and as an female storyteller and activist I was personally inspired. I can’t wait to work with her again! (Check out her work and films on her non-profit’s website Cause Centric.)

SDTC: What totally amazed you? Something that you didn’t expect?

ST: I was completely amazed at the beauty of the islands. I had obviously seen pictures and documentaries, but nothing really prepares you for that kind of grace.

SDTC: For people who have never been on a Contiki Holiday before, can you share a little bit about the vibe?

ST: The trip was totally laid back but also jam packed, if that makes any sense. We travelled extensively around the islands but still had plenty of time to chill out. Oh, and the food and shopping were out of this world!

SDTC: Would you describe this trip as life-changing? In other words, has it changed the way you think?

ST: Yes I would definitely called my time in Galapagos life-changing. I met an incredible group of adventurous, inspiring, young people, learned about ocean conservation, and explored a gorgeous place few are privileged to visit! I’ll never forget it!

SDTC: In your opinion, why is travel so important?

ST: I always refer to travel as the best education in the world. It’s the only thing you can buy yourself that will really enrich your whole life.

SDTC: Five words to describe your Galapagos experience…GO!

ST: Exciting, beautiful, motivational, educational, and enchanting!

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