Just over two years ago, MuchMusic VJ Sarah Taylor fell in a Las Vegas hotel room, hit her head and fell into a ten day coma. It was very touch and go, and doctors warned friends and family that she may have lost the ability to read and write.

La Fete a la Tete Deux is the second anniversary of MuchMusic Sarah Taylor’s Sick Kids Fundraiser, and this year marks the third anniversary of her miraculous recovery from a life threatening head injury. Falling in a Las Vegas hotel room, while on assignment, Sarah’s future and even ability to speak were under question.

“I had two surgeries. One in Vegas and when I came back (to TO) I had to have another one here at Western. Doctors were telling my parents ‘she may never talk again, ever’. And my family was making preparations for me for to have full time help for the rest of my life.”

After this life altering experience, Sarah looks at life differently. “You just don’t go through life in the same way after something like that happens. Everything is kind of like…water off your back.” Further to hosting an annual fundraiser for The Division of Neurosurgery at The Hospital for Sick Children, Sarah is also working hard trying to tackle other issues in the community – with a special focus on helping young girls face their fears and gain confidence.

Join us on Thursday because this is an important cause, but also promises to be an amazing party. Hosted by Sarah at the Red Bull space (381 Queen St), experimental electric/pop duo BoyTech will perform – and if you haven’t seen these guys yet, you are in for a crazy wild show.

We love Sarah Taylor, she is one of the most charming, talented woman we know with a contagious spirit that just makes you instantly happy – and we admire her tenacious personality to overcome something so scary, and bounce back on to the MuchMusic screen with gusto. Sarah knows she’s lucky, “I’m forever grateful for the life changing care I received from the talented and generous professionals at SickKids,”

Doors open at 7 p.m. A minimum donation of $10 is appreciated at the door. Space is limited so interested parties should RSVP at rsvp@johnpr.com. Donations for La Fête à la Tête Deux can also be made directly to SickKids at sickkidsfoundation.com/donate. Contributions over $20 receive tax receipts.

Now check out Boytech and start dancing.