MuchMusic VJ Search 2.0: Hot 'n' Cool

MuchMusic is once again looking for a new, hip addition to the VJ team! You probably know this if you’re on Facebook–mine is flooded with various friends looking for support in becoming the next Sarah Taylor or Leah Miller, because hey, this has to be the coolest job someone in their twenties can get. The requirements for the position are that you must love pop culture, music, and brushing elbows with celebrities. No experience necessary, but you should be hot or cool. Preferably both.

The VJ search process is more interactive than ever with fans voting every step of the way. VJ-hopefuls are encouraged to make their MuchMusic page their own with a video, photos, links to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Viewers rate potential VJs on their Hot/Cool status online at vj.muchmusic.com until October 12th, and the 16 finalists will be announced October 13th. MuchMusic viewers can keep rating the 16 in interactive and online challenges until they are narrowed down to a final four in November–it’s definitely a long process to find the right person. Perusing the website starts to feel like a weird Much version of HotOrNot.com after a while, though, since a lot of entries don’t have videos so you’re just evaluating a photo.

Since SDTC is full of hot and cool women, it’s not surprising that we have some qualified VJ candidates in our ranks. Be sure to check out the fabulous Sass Zucket’s VJ 2.0 page; the highlight is definitely her looking hot and cool while scarfing Doritos in her video. Also be sure to check out Kelly Wray looking hot and cool while stretching her journalism musclesin her application video.

We wish good luck to our SDTC compatriots in the VJ Search 2.0!

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