MUST WATCH: The Love Witch @ The Royal

The Love Witch grapples with what women are vs. what the patriarchy wants them to be.

This smart new horror film has a distinct retro feel, thanks to Anna Biller, who oversaw not only the writing and direction but also the production and costume design. The film follows Elaine, a witch who moves to a new town and uses a combo of her feminine wiles and hallucinogens to cast a spell over men. She essentially uses her sexuality to undermine male power under the guise of finding love. This film delves into gender politics, exploitation, societal expectations and pulp fiction – all in glorious 35 mm!

Now you can see The Love Witch as part of Retropath! on January 27th at The Royal (608 College St), plus a witchy pre-show with VICE‘s Amil Niazi. Find out more right here.

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