Myseum of Toronto’s This Woman’s Work explores the past, present, and futures of women’s work in Toronto – through the lens of women of colour. Live-virtual exhibitions feature performance, visual art, film, and immersive audio—with each exhibition focusing on the work of one woman. 

This month, writer and artist Hima Batavia will explore radical systems in the year 2050.

Akanzyla (Hima Batavia) is an Indian climate refugee living in T’karonto. The government has offered climate refugees housing in the run-down condos that flooded the land’s infrastructure in the early 2000s. Akanzyla is a polyworker, offering spiritual caretaking services for online communities, participating in algae cultivation and transformation experiments as a creative biologist in the Almanac Cooperative, all while being the second parent to two children conceived through hybridized surrogacy in a nurture pod and making content to increase the value of her namesake coin. Given the climate circumstances, she is only able to safely venture outdoors 1-2 times a week, leaving her physically isolated, yet weaved through digital realms of care and collectivity.

Immerse yourself in this live YouTube event and be transported into the future where feminine principles reign. This vivid sci-fi story will have audiences questioning our current harmful systems (colonialism, white supremacy and capitalism) and imagining possibilities for the future. 

The event will be running for 7 hours on Friday, June 25th, and you can pop in anytime between 10AM to 5PM. Viewers are encouraged to participate in collective work throughout the day, sensing into what labouring futures are ahead of us. It’s unlike any pandemic art we’ve experienced… we’re definitely curious. Register now.