Co-chair of the Boobyball Committee and Publicist at ASC PR

Why did you decide to get involved with Boobyball?
Hearing about Sarah O’Regan’s story and the foundation of Boobyball inspired me to get involved with this fundraising initiative. Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23 (the age I was when I joined the Boobyball committee). Her courage motivated me to become involved in spreading breast cancer awareness amongst a younger demographic. I strongly feel that it is important to give back and make time for charitable support- either through volunteerism or personal donations. Donating my time and effort to Rethink Breast Cancer and Boobyball is extremely rewarding.

In your opinion, what has made this fundraiser such a success?
The Boobyball committee- it is such an amazing team of diverse personalities from various industries and expertise who have so much ambition. The team has rallied together in support of the fight against breast cancer. It shows that if we all keep working together and raising money to fund research- we will get there and find a cure.

The success of this event is unparalleled- from features on CNN to the Letterman show- the team is what makes this fundraiser such a success!

What can we expect differently at this year’s Boobyball?
The Boobyball will always be a tradition of entertainment, cocktails, and loads of fun! It is the city’s greatest event! What to expect differently… those are surprises… you’ll have to come to the event and see!

What does the theme FLASH mean to you?
Flash to me means making a statement- similar to fifteen minutes of fame. Boobyball 9 will be one flashy affair!

What will you be wearing to Boobyball?
Undoubtedly- something flashy! Its fun to take chances when it comes to style and that is what Flash and the Studio 54 theme is all about.

See you on Oct 16th! More info?