This Thursday, September 12, Patel Gallery (1151 Queen St E) will host the opening reception for Ness Lee’s latest show, Folding In.

We are consummate fans of Ness Lee, stemming back to her City of Craft appearances. Her simple line work is direct and robust, with the nude and comfortable female form commanding the space. Her latest exhibit explores what it means to “un-become”: a process of folding and unfolding. How does one surrender, give in, and let go in order to heal, to flow as a being of ever-growing change, to allow each moment to come as a visitor and embrace experience? Lee’s intimate and lush figures share the fundamental need for love, to be held, cared for and seen in a life that is often lived alone, their existence born out of a tension to exist for others while simultaneously existing for themselves.

The exhibit runs until October 20. Don’t miss this one.