If you’re already spending most of your evenings lazing around in your underthings watching Making A Murderer, this event at Dundas West’s Hashtag Gallery is just one step beyond your January sloth-like lifestyle. But hopefully a little more exciting.

Billed as “The 90s pajama party of your dream,” this evening will screen Heathers upstairs, and the 1970s cult classic Cinderella 2000 downstairs. Guests are asked to come pantless, and following the movies, you can relive your teenage years with a game of spin the bottle, followed by Dream Phone, followed by Twister.

Treats include gourmet popcorn and chocolate salted caramel Beaver Bark.

“Bring your pajamas and sleeping bags, leave your shoes and adulthood at the door.” Sounds interesting; a dream for some, a nightmare for others.

More info for the No Pants Party here. Naughty slumber party tix here. 19+, obvs.

We’ll leave you with this: