“Never Have I Ever…”

With 2008 safely behind me I am finally able to dig into/ fully snuggle up to all that is 2009. And what may that be, you ask? I’m not entirely sure myself, but I have preemptively dubbed it the “year of Risk” (or to sound less ominous and to simultaneously separate myself from the nerdy board game associated with lanky teenaged boys, the “year of Change”). If America could admit that she’s made some mistakes and that it’s time for change, than I think I should give it a whirl as well. 2009 will be about giving myself more credit (no, not with Visa; dear god, not with Visa) and living life on the edge. For years, I figured that analyzing a situation instead of just diving right in kept me a step ahead. Little did I know, it had been holding me back. Looking at the past year, some of my most treasured memories were a result of spontaneous, somewhat rash decisions. Had I played it safe as per usual, I would have missed out on an epic music festival, an eye-opening internship and several incredible first kisses. 2008 aged me in ways I could never have imagined, but I emerged a stronger and miraculously, more upbeat person.  

I learned plenty in the past year but there are still things that could use polishing: how to nail a job interview, trust my gut instincts, travel solo, decline a date without inventing an imaginary boyfriend and how to NOT wait for guys who don’t deserve my time. Like booting George W. from the Oval Office, change is easier said than done. How, exactly, does one revolutionize her life when it is full of overbearing or just plain comfortable relationships that are blocking her from making the grandiose changes that she so requires? Baby steps, my friend. Having spent 3 cherished/crazed years in a love-lockdown, I too am discovering how to be my own person again. If making drastic changes scares you more than a round of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with a group of virginal 19-year-olds (‘Never have I ever swam naked?’ oh dear), fear not. It can be as simple as just saying “Yes”. Say yes to that cute guy at the bar, to a foreign film with subtitles, to the corporate dodgeball team. Worst case scenario: awkward date. Best case scenario: hit boss in face with squishy ball. Slowly work your way up to the bigger decisions- yes, I will take that trip to Budapest, cut my hair off, dump that douchebag, start a mutual fund! (Do the latter now. No, really, NOW). Life’s shorter than Britney’s hair under that white-girl weave, so stop thinking about living and start living already. Are you ready to take the plunge with me? Don’t worry; you can keep your clothes on.

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