It’s no secret that we at SDTC love the library. Monica recently got a new card and has been visiting weekly, just takin’ out books and putting holds on things like a very cool rebel who breaks all the rules by adhering to them strictly and reading a book in the corner alone. It’s the best place! And it’s not always the best-funded. Which is why we’re very into New Collection.

Toronto Public Library Foundation’s young patron group, New Collection is like a members club for book nerds (the best people). It provides members with an all-access pass to events that bring together the culturally curious with prominent writers, artists and intellectuals in support of the libraries we all know and love.

They’ve partnered with some of Canada’s largest publishers (think Penguin Random House and Harper Collins) to curate some truly stacked New Collection events, with authors like Trainspotting’s Irvine Welsh, Twitter sweetheart and author Kelly Oxford, Conrad Black (why not I guess), Douglas Coupland, Jian (duh) Gomeshi, and Jeanne Beker (!!!) to name a few. Members also get to attend the very cool Hush Hush, giant library party in the stacks, and can get access to Appel Events programming at the library, such as the upcoming tête-à-tête with one Lena Dunham. Heard of her?