Women, it’s time to get back to nature and reconnect with our inner power!

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of the Red Tent, now is the time to get acquainted. This is a place for you to connect with your womb, your menstrual cycles and the power of the Divine Feminine. It symbolizes the private and magical world of women! 

On Monday, December 18th, Mandika Divya, Nicole Tupechka and Vasanti Kea invite you to gather at the New Moon Red Tent Ceremony & Circle (120 Wright Ave). Join in to chant mantras, sing, pray, eat, dance, manifest, heal and create beautiful space for all women to come together in love, unity and a deep sisterhood. Instruments are welcome and sharing is encouraged. Wear red and bring an offering for the fire (i.e., hair, resin, sage, wax, candles). Get all the info right here.

See you there, you beautiful goddesses!