Serena Ryder‘s new Christmas album, Christmas Kisses, produced by Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductee Bob Ezrin, includes track after track of all your favourite classics (“Let It Snow,” “Santa Baby,” and “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”), but I’ve also fallen hard for the original title track and found myself humming it in the aisles of Rexall Drugs last night on a late-night run for face cream.

I love the six-time Juno Award winner for her deep, husky voice, as well as her openness when it comes to discussing her past struggles with depression. Since Christmastime is a season that is emotionally challenging for many, I wanted to ask Serena about her real thoughts on the season, as they pertain to mental health.

At ease, candid and down-to-earth, a conversation with Serena is always a relaxed exchange that I get so much from. In our latest podcast, we explore everything from the joy of music and the creative process, to how she’s been able to ride the waves of artistry that fluctuate between intense periods of creativity and quiet periods of hibernation. (We also talked about dogs.)

Take a listen, and go out and grab a copy of her album for last-minute tree-trimming or festive gatherings, or download it here. It’s definitely a crowd-pleaser!