Sometimes it feels like we’re getting it from all sides: not thin enough, smart enough, white enough, young enough, woman enough. Social media has the power to lift us up and unite us, but it also has the power to tear us down. Rather than be frozen by body hatred and shame, join Sonya Renee Taylor for a deeper exploration into these forces, and be introduced to a new revolutionary movement that may offer a way out.

Sonya’s The Body Is Not an Apology seeks to engage each of us in the individual work that fosters self-love. This event will start the process of dismantling the structural and systemic emotional, psychological, and physical violence that plays out against “different” bodies. Let’s heal our shame, love our bodies, value ourselves, and step into our power!

The Body is Not an Apology takes place on Thursday, May 9 at Chestnut Conference Centre (89 Chestnut Street). Admission is free, but registration is recommended. Find out more here