Noon Looks Good at Gap Eaton Centre Where Bay Streeters Hop in for Lunch & Shop

We hit Gap Eaton Centre last Friday at noon and ran into Sasha andLeanne on their lunch break. Apparently the Bay/Queen crowd floods the mall midday to scoop up stylish work duds. Follow @shedoesthecity and @gapcanadapr to see which Gap we will be hitting up next!

1. Sasha Laurin

What Caught Our Eye: We love how Laurin has changed the look and lines of her trench by layering on an oversized scarf.
Why do you like this Gap location?: “
I work two blocks away and I am often at the Eaton Centre.  I work at an office and I will come here to get clothes for work.”
What item at Gap she was checking out: Black & White layered Sheer skirt, $54.95
Favourite Band: Vanaprasta.
Her staple Gap item: “Great dress pants! The most comfortable I have ever bought.”

2. Leanne

What Caught Our Eye: Her Parisian chic style!
Why do you like this Gap location?  “It’s convenient, I work in the area and I love to come and browse.”
What item at Gap she was checking out: Peach coloured sheer-sleeved t-shirt, $34.50
Favourite Band: Right now I’m really into The Black Keys.
What she is most excited about for Spring: “Getting out of boots and coats and wearing trenches and flats!”
Her staple Gap item: “I have a beautiful cardigan that is laced back.”

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Photos by Kira Crugnale, @kiraunfun
Interviews by Ivana Markotic, @ivana_write

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