O.B wants to extend a personal apology to you for discontinuing their tampons last year. We are inspired to make our own period film.

Were you one of the ones who freaked out when O.B. tampons went missing from store shelves last year? Frankly, we didn’t notice. Maybe this was just in the USA? Either way, O.B. would like to offer you a personalized apology. In song form.

Seriously, click on this link, enter your name and watch as a cute guy serenades you with rose petals, an airplane message, tattoos and the proverbial key change to express how really, really, really, REALLY sorry he is that this happened to you. It’s pretty funny. You even get a coupon for tampons at the end of the video. Now that’s a creative, thoughtful apology.

We wish the OB song man could sing us a bedtime lullaby. Our dreams would be a montage of beautiful red rivers cascading through mountain tops, gushing over deltas and wildly flowing to a dam of fertility and womanhood. In an inner tube, we lie sipping a mojito in a polka-dot bikini, surrounded by our own blood. Tipping our oversized shades, we notice a pack of coyotes on the river bend, dipping their head in the bloody waters for a sip. The next film for OB? This is cinema at its finest; a genuine period piece.

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